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Digital Product Spotlight: Tall Messenger Bag

Ready to refine your skills and craft a bag that's both stylish and functional? Look no further than the new Tall Messenger Bag digital pattern.

This meticulously designed pattern goes beyond the basics, providing you with the tools to create a professional-looking messenger bag perfect for everyday use. Here's what elevates the Tall Messenger Bag:

  • Sewing Mastery, Your Way:  Choose machine sewing for efficient construction or hand sew for a more mindful experience. This pattern caters to your preferred technique.

  • Material Excellence:  Learn to work with a combination of 2-3 oz chrome tanned leather for the body and 3-4 oz (either vegetable or chrome tanned) for reinforcements, ensuring both structure and a beautiful drape.

  • Effortless Strap Creation:  Skip the complexities of strap construction! This pattern utilizes a readily available 1 1/4" wide belt blank for a perfectly proportioned and frustration-free strap.

  • Pro-Level Finishing:  Elevate your project with the clean finishing technique of using grosgrain ribbon to bind the interior seams for a polished, high-quality look.

  • Functional Pocket Design:  The included canvas zip pocket with French seams offers a touch of contrast and essential organization.  If you prefer a full-leather construction, you can substitute with 2 oz leather and minor modifications.

  • Spacious Functionality:  This messenger bag is designed to be your everyday companion, comfortably holding a few 8 1/2 x 11 notebooks or your trusty small- to mid-sized laptop.

  • Weighted Lid Closure:  The pattern incorporates a tall lid that extends close to the bottom edge of the bag for extra coverage.  A concho and a strategically placed piece of leather add weight to the lid, ensuring it stays closed.

  • Printing Versatility:  No matter your paper preference, the pattern is designed for seamless printing on both A4 and US Letter format.

Bonus Benefit!  This comprehensive pattern is available for just $20 and includes a license for both personal and small business use. Transform your newfound skills into beautiful, handcrafted messenger bags!

So, are you ready to take your leatherworking to the next level? Grab your leather and get started on the Tall Messenger bag today!

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