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Victorian-Inspired Leather Corset

Victorian-Inspired Leather Corset

This corset is made using a pattern drafted from an extant corset of the Victorian era. It has shark-embossed kidskin for the exterior, cotton coutil for the interior, and has synthetic baleen and steel boning with a steel spoon busk. 


Measurements: 45" bust, 33" waist, 42" high hip. 


Corset sizing considerations: The measurements above are the minimum sizing, taken from the front edge to the back edge, not including lacing space. For a comfortable fit, aim for a 2" waist reduction. However, depending on your level of comfort with lacing, a 4" - 6" waist reduction is also attainable especially if you don't have a lot of muscle mass in your midsection. 

So: if your natural waist measures between 37 - 42", this corset should fit. 


What if the bust or hips are too big? Historically, women's bodies were not deemed to be in or out of fashion; rather, the clothes were the fashionable shape and people used padding to augment their natural forms to meet the trending silhouette. For these photos, I have added extra bust padding under my chemise to help fill everything out. 


Should you wear this directly on your skin? No, not unless it's for a very brief amount of time. If you want a removable/washable liner, let's chat before you order! 

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